Prescott-Russell Tourism is taking on a new name and new objectives.

Locali.t (pronounced ‘locality’) is now reforming as a non-profit consulting agency, which will provide planning, training and support services in marketing, development and business geared specifically to the tourism development needs of small towns and rural communities.

The move is being made because the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) Economic Development and Tourism department now has the regional mandate for tourism marketing and development, thus the association recognized under the name Tourisme Prescott-Russell Tourism no longer exists. All activities, campaigns, programs and services for the UCPR must now be directed to Geneviève Bougie of the PREDT at [email protected] .

While it will no longer officially represent the UCPR, Locali.t will continue on in support of tourism in the region.

“With an entrepreneurial and on-the-ground approach, we will equip municipalities and small destinations to take advantage of tourism as a lever for economic growth, in a bilingual manner across Canada, mainly in Ontario and Quebec,” said Myriam Beauchamp, Executive Director of Locali.t, in an email.

Beauchamp is being joined on staff by Martin Lacelle, former executive director of Prescott-Russell Tourism, and the pair will work with Locali.t to help guide area operators towards several financial support programs available for hard-hit tourism businesses. In the Prescott-Russell region, Ottawa Tourism’s Tourism Assistance and Investment Program can help fund recovery activities. Businesses can check to see if they are eligible for the program here .

While the name is new and the organization will focus on a larger region than just Prescott-Russell, helping communities in the United Counties will still be a priority for Locali.t. The existing board of directors will continue with the new organization and the offices will continue to be located in Rockland said board Chair Audrey Lizotte of Ferme Artisan Farms of Fournier.

“We still have the same business number and board of directors, but we are changing names and the mandate is different,” Lizotte explained.

The organization had already received funding from the UCPR which will take them through the remainder of 2021. Locali.t will be looking to obtain support from the provincial and federal governments for 2022 and beyond.

Locali.t is in process of planning activities and will be launching new social platforms over the next few weeks. The platforms will include upcoming news such at the organization’s new image, first publications, services and website. Locali.t’s new Facebook page went live on June 28 and can be found here.

Another change for Locali.t is that it is no longer a membership-based organization, as its more than 100 members came through the UCPR.

“We still will keep the focus on tourism, we are still a non-profit organization, but now we will work more on projects with municipalities, with individuals, with businesses and on the Quebec and Ontario sides,” Lizotte said, noting there will still be an emphasis on Prescott-Russell. “It’s still important to make sure that our region is supported – we’ve been working for 10 years on that.”

Anyone looking for more information on Locali.t can send an email to Myriam Beauchamp at [email protected] .