Hello Vankleek Hill Residents,

The Vankleek Hill Museum received a request this week from Jeff Van Kleeck in California.

His father, Ken, recently had a stroke and has early onset dementia. Ken Van Kleeck visited Vankleek Hill several years ago to capture some genealogy.

Jeff says his father Ken “keeps bringing up Vankleek Hill,” and Ken’s birthday is coming up. Jeff has asked the Museum to send postcards saying, “Happy Birthday, Ken. From everyone in Vankleek Hill.” The Museum will certainly send happy greetings.

How about we all send a Happy Birthday to Ken!  For the cost of a US stamp, it seems almost too easy!

Postcards can be sent to Ken Van Kleeck, 1334 Woodside Drive, San Luis  Obispo  CA 93401 .

Thanks everyone!!

Michelle Landriault

Volunteer, VKH Museum