Lukas Kerr is in Grade One and when his class could not go on the annual "Community Walk" in Vankleek Hill, he created this model of the Higginson Tower instead. Photo: Louise Sproule

Seven-year-old loves history–and the Higginson Tower

“If you take a walk in Vankleek Hill, you will see history.”

That is the opening line from a short treatise about Vankleek Hill, written by none other than a seven-year-old history buff.

Lukas Kerr’s joy is contagious as he talks about local history. The Review met up with him at the Higginson Tower recently so that he could tour the tower with his mom. The usual “Community Walk” organized for Grade One students from Pleasant Corners Public School didn’t take place this year. (That annual walk usually includes a visit to the tower, along with the museum, the library, the bank and The Review.)

Instead, Lukas built his own model of the tower, complete with the Canadian flag on top.


What does he like about the tower? He loves the stairs and the artifacts from the archaeological dig that are on display inside the tower. But above all, it is the tower’s history that has caught his fancy. It’s quite simple: he is fascinated by things from the past.

Young Lukas recently rebuilt an old clock, thanks to finding the parts he was missing, along with some practical know-how supplied by John Sproule.

The Higginson Tower will be open to the public from Wednesdays through Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The first opening day of the season is set for June 28, 2021. COVID protocols will be in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Admission to the tower is free, but donations are always appreciated.

The Higginson Tower is owned by Champlain Township, but managed by the Higginson Tower Committee, which is a volunteer-run charitable organization.


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