Lower than expected paving prices and extra gas-tax funding mean more streets in Hawkesbury will be repaved this year than originally planned.

On May 31, Director of Public Works and Engineering Jonathan Wilson told council that paving costs are 20 to 25 per cent less this year.

The 2021 municipal budget originally contained $405,000 for paving. However, due to reduced costs and a higher-than-expected federal gas tax grant, Wilson recommended council increase the 2021 paving budget to $700,000. The motion to adopt Wilson’s recommendation was approved unanimously.

As a result of the extra $295,000 being spent on paving projects, Spence Avenue will be reconstructed between McGill Street and Cartier Boulevard.

The approval of extra spending on paving in 2021 also means Ghislain Street will be repaved between Stevens and Edmond streets. Additionally, Adrien Street will be repaved between Ghislain Street and Cartier Boulevard and repaving will occur on Edmond Street beginning at Cécile Boulevard.

“It’s very necessary,” said Councillor Yves Paquette, referring to the present condition of Spence Avenue and Ghislain Street.

“I also was very happy to see that, to take advantage of that, and pave additional roads,” remarked Councillor Antonios Tsourounakis. “That’s something that’s extremely visible for all our citizens.”