Confederation Parkin Hawkesbury, June 11. 2021. Photo by Jean Sarrazin

From The Review’s ‘Top ten places to see in Hawkesbury’ list…

Hi Editor,

I was just out for a walk in Confederation Park yesterday June 11)  and did enjoy the view of the town and the river from that vantage point – so I thought I would share it with you.

Just as a sidebar – it’s a good thing the scenery is so spectacular because it seems the town makes very little (read no) effort to add beauty to this park with any kind of flowerbeds or ornamental shrubs.

Too bad because it’s a lovely spot that has so much potential – and is also the first impression not only of Hawkesbury but of the province of Ontario for people coming over the bridge from Grenville…

Jean Sarrazin
Courtenay, BC