On June 2 the government of Québec today shared its plans for the next school year. Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge, and Minister for Education and the Status of Women Isabelle Charest, unveiled the Back to School Plan 2021-2022, which consists of a return to school as normal as possible for students and staff. This plan will be updated at the beginning of August so that it is in line with the evolution of the COVID-19 situation and the progress of the vaccination of the general population and of students.

The start of the school year will be without masks or face coverings for preschool, primary, secondary, general adult education, and vocational training students. The plan also provides for:

  • the end of stable class groups
  • the return of full-time educational services
  • additional support measures for vulnerable students or students suffering from educational delay
  • a resumption of extracurricular activities
  • the return to normal with regard to school transport and the use of cafeterias and dining halls
  • maintenance of cleaning measures and disinfection by custodians, particularly with regard to frequently touched surfaces
  • maintaining hand hygiene routines for students and employees, according to CNESST workplace safety commission recommendations
  • continued assessment of symptomatic children and their possible exclusion

Finally, in order to keep educational services in place, the network will prepare to implement any additional measures that could be added if the health situation requires it in order to limit cancelled classes or school closures.

To ensure rigorous monitoring of air quality in all primary and secondary schools, CO2 detectors will be acquired as soon as possible, then installed in classrooms for continuous monitoring.