Work will begin soon begin on the reconstruction of Stephens Street and St. Denis Street in Vankleek Hill. Construction is expected to start in mid-May and end in October.

The work is being done by Cornwall Gravel Company Ltd. EVB Engineering will be representing Champlain Township throughout the project.

The project will include: full depth reconstruction of both streets and concrete curbs; localized repairs to the existing storm sewers, sanitary sewers and laterals; replacement of existing storm catch basins and sanitary maintenance holes; replacement of existing watermain valves and services (if services are found to be in poor condition); reinstatement of driveways and curbs disturbed due to construction activities or as required to achieve an acceptable slope, in materials matching existing (i.e., asphalt driveways will be reinstated with new asphalt); reinstatement of grass disturbed due to construction activities with sod.

Property owners on these two streets will be contacted by OZA Inspections Ltd. to complete a pre-construction survey of their property at no cost to the property owner. The purpose of the survey is to obtain video and/or photo records of the existing condition of buildings and other features near the construction zone. This information would then be available for reference in the unlikely event that damage is caused during construction. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only an exterior survey will be done.

Daytime temporary water shutdowns will be required to allow for the replacement of water valves and water services and are expected to last less than four hours for each occurrence. The contractor will be responsible to coordinate with the impacted owners and provide 48 hours of notice.

Driveways will need to be closed temporarily as the work progresses. The contractor will be responsible to coordinate driveway closures with residents impacted by this work.

Localized and temporary road closures will be required to allow for some work. Signage will be posted by the contractor and access to and from the subdivision will be available at all times through an alternative route.

Temporary road closures on Pendleton May 10-11

Temporary road closures for the purpose of municipal water and sewer service connection will affect residents on Pendleton Street in Vankleek Hill from May 10, a.m. to May 11, p.m.