A water main construction project in Limoges is going to cost La Nation $106,444.60 more than originally planned.

The original cost for geotechnical and hydrogeological studies associated with the project was $51,721. At a special meeting held on May 4, council approved a change order for an additional $71,489.60 to be spent on more boreholes to be drilled for geotechnical and hydrogeological studies being done in connection with the water main project.

The change order approved on May 4 was the third such order in association with the project. According to a report prepared by Director of Water and Wastewater Doug Renaud, previous orders included $30,515 for added hydrology field work and study, and $4,440 for additional field work, which was required due to poor soil conditions in boreholes.

With the change orders, the total cost of the studies is now $158,165.60, which is within the $1 million the municipality had already allocated for geotechnical and hydrological work. The project is being performed by Golder Associates.

Renaud explained each change order to council and said the work will be proceeding during the remaining weeks of May.

No councillors opposed the change order, but Mayor François St-Amour did describe the extra costs as “unfortunate.”

The recommendation to approve the change order was moved by Councillor Danik Forgues and seconded by Councillor Alain Mainville. Councillor Francis Brière was absent from the meeting.