10 Years ago
Locals share memories as old VCI demolished

The Review, April 27, 2011 – Generations of local residents are sharing their memories as demolition began April 25 on the old Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute building. “Change is very hard. I took a walk in the new school on Saturday, it was nice but then I saw the old bell from the first VCI in a lonely corner of the courtyard. I am sure my grandparents felt the same way when the original school was being demolished too.” – J.M.

25 Years Ago
Area family takes in Chernobyl victims

The Review, April 24, 1996 – Two area families are making a big difference in the lives of two young victims of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster. Diane and Barton St. Denis, of Vankleek Hill, and Janna and Alain Remond, of St-Isidore, are sponsoring children this summer under the Canadian Relief Fund for Victims of Chernobyl in Belarus. Between June 28 and August 9, two Chernobyl children will be staying with the Bartons and the Remonds.

50 Years Ago
Shaky robbers get only $13

The Review, April 28, 1971 – Two armed robbers, apparently shaken when their victim offered resistance, fled the farm of Armand Ranger east of St. Isidore de Prescott on Saturday night with just $13. The thieves missed their objective – receipts from a Saturday afternoon auction at the farm – when Mr. Ranger struggled with one of the gunmen. Auctioneer Albert Faubert of Alexandria further rattled the hooded bandits, when he threw a fishing tackle box containing the $13 as they turned to leave.

75 Years Ago
Palomino ranch planned south of Milestone

The Review, April 25, 1946 – Eddie Brown and Phil Bodnoff purchased a palomino stallion for $1,000 at the recent horse sale in Regina. They also acquired a palomino mare for $360. It is reported that Brown and Bodnoff intend to start a palomino ranch south of Milestone.

100 Years Ago
Vankleek Hill Fall Fair wants to clear debt

The Review, April 29, 1921 – Our Fall Fair is making an endeavor to wipe out the debt on the grounds this year and have adopted the slogan “Wipe out the last thousand.” For many years the exhibition has been run on purely agricultural lines and has incurred a heavy debt. Last year the Board of Directors broke away from that idea some and had other kinds of entertainment, with the result that this year they were able to reduce the debt to $1,000.

125 Years Ago
Posthole digging uncovers graves

The Review, April 24, 1896 – While digging post holes on his farm near Colborne, Mr. M.S. Gould discovered the remains of six human beings, presumably Indians, as he had unearthed a great many Indian relics at different times on his farm. All were evidently consigned to the same grave and that by an enemy, as there were no traces of articles usually deposited by friendly hands on such occasions.

Former students shared their memories, as demolition of the old Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute began on April 25, 2011.