Burning grass and green waste is prohibited in Champlain Township

The Champlain Township Fire Department would like to remind the population that it is forbidden to burn grass and green waste. Open air fires can only be conducted with permission from municipal authorities and in accordance with specified safety rules.

“With spring outdoor cleanup starting, we know some folks choose to burn brush and yard debris on their property,” explained Ghislain Pigeon, Director of Fire Services, but remember that it is prohibited and dangerous.  “Open air burning, especially if left unattended, can become difficult to control and can result in a serious widespread fire.”

According to By-law No. 2010-19 (Open Fires By-law), it is prohibited to set an open fire on grass, hay or leaves or other. This is harmful to the environment and the health of those exposed. Offenders are subject to fines ranging from $125 to $500.

How to dispose of grass and green waste:

  • Throw them in a garbage bag and place them at the curb on your collection day;
  • Keep them until the fall compost collection;
  • Shred your grass into small pieces with your lawnmower and leave it on the ground to make a natural fertilizer;
  • Shred your dead leaves into small pieces with your lawnmower and leave them on the ground to make a natural fertilizer;
  • Compost your green waste for your planters and flower beds.

Always keep fire safety in mind, visit our web page or contact our by-law and fire office at 613 675-4727 for more information or any questions you have about our open air burning requirements.