10 Years ago
Marvel comic series to be drawn by Vankleek Hill artist
The Review, April 6, 2011 – Marvel Comics has hired Vankleek Hill artist Dale Eaglesham to draw a new eight-issue Alpha Flight mini-series, featuring an all-Canadian cast of super heroes. Alpha Flight, one of the few Canadian superhero teams in major comic books, was created by artist John Byrne and first appeared in an issue of X-Men in 1979. An Alpha Flight series ran from 1983 until 1994.

25 Years Ago
Zellers wins Hawkesbury store wars
The Review, April 3, 1996 – Zellers has beaten out retail giant Wal-Mart in the struggle for government permission to build a new department store in Hawkesbury. The Ontario Municipal Board has approved Zellers’ proposal to construct a new store at Cameron Street and Highway 17, across from the Canadian Tire store. The OMB also rejected a bid by Wal-Mart to build a new store in West Hawkesbury Township, at the junction of Highways 17 and 34.

50 Years Ago
Three break-ins in one week in Vankleek Hill
The Review, April 7 1971 – On Monday night of this week, Vankleek Hill Co-op and Sinclair Supply Co. Ltd. were broken into by thieves and on Thursday of last week the Vankleek Hill Separate School was again entered for the second time in one month. $50 in cash was taken from the school last Thursday and $20 the first time. At Sinclair Supply, no money was taken, but much damage was done. The Co-op also had extensive damage as the thieves were able to open a safe by breaking the under-supports and letting it fall into the cellar, gaining access to the cash inside. A mini-bike valued at $320 was also stolen.

75 Years Ago
New commercial power rates accepted by Town Council
The Review, April 4, 1946 – New commercial rates from the Gatineau Power Company to Vankleek Hill have been accepted by Town Council. The new service charge is 55 cents. Consumption charge is 6 cents for the first 50 kilowatt hours, 2 and one-half cents for the next 150 kilowatt hours and 1 cent per kilowatt hour for the balance. The gross minimum bill is $1.38 and there is a 10-per-cent discount offered for payment within 10 days of he account.

100 Years Ago
VCI students looking nifty in new caps
The Review, April 8, 1921 – Many of the students of the Institute are taking advantage of the Gigantic Sale in town and are buying ‘Derbies’, ‘Christies’, and “What ya m’a call’ems”. They do look nifty, we don’t think, especially so when worn with red bow-ties – (29 and 30 cents each).

125 Years Ago
Rebuild of Alexandria Furniture Factory in doubt
The Review, April 3, 1896 – There seems to be considerable doubt as to the rebuilding of the Alexandria Furniture Factory, which was destroyed by fire a short time ago. Mr. A.A. Cattou made a strong appeal to the merchants and monied men of Alexandria to take steps toward that end, as the institution was a great benefit to the town, paying out some $50,000 in wages each year.

Photo and caption reprinted from the April 7, 2011, edition of The Review.