After reading No free lunch (Letter to the editor, March 10), I had the impression I had heard of a similar scenario before. A little memory searching and the answer came: The Great Reset, as laid out by Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum (WEF) fame and his latest book, Covid-19: The Great Reset, (published July 2020). Aided and backed by the elites who attend meetings at Davos and Bohemian Grove. With that power and money behind the scheme, it is likely that the author of this letter will see his dream come true. In fact, the plan appears to be well under way. A world in which, to use the WEF’s motto: people own nothing, and have never been happier. They too set a short time line, 2030, and list the same motive: to save the world from itself.

Some working details are not addressed in Mr. Schwab and the WEF’s vision, others are. A universal basic income which would be used to rent, not own, virtually everything is foreseen. Cash is to be eliminated so there is no enterprise which is outside their control. As exists now in China, a social credit system is envisioned where citizens are allowed or denied privileges according to behaviour. Demerit points. Rack up a enough negative points and certain items are withdrawn from life; such as food and transportation.

The WEF does not go into fine financial details as did No free lunch. Not specifically mentioning the rental of clothing, but it must be there; along with the rented dresser to put them in. Only a few elites would own everything and dispense their goods (largesse) to subservient people as per their behaviour.

Also not touched on is what to do with governments and politicians. They are not needed in this new world order. Mr. Schwab et al. envision a “one-world” governing power with few, if any, borders. There would be no need for individual national decisions as these would be made by world rulers, thus rendering a whole political class redundant. To be replaced by a management powered by artificial intelligence, (AI).

The Great Reset is also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is where AI takes the place of humanity wherever a robot, drone, or computer chip can do the job. And that is most. From GPS guided farm equipment to factories, warehouses and delivery systems, and far beyond, no human touch required.

So maybe a word of warning to politicians who push the Great Reset agenda: be careful what you wish for because it might come true. It is one thing to wish this dystopia upon the masses; a world of surveillance and obedience with minimum human interface and maximum control. It is quite another to find one’s self lumped in among them.

Gordon Fraser, Champlain