The East Hawkesbury municipal building in St-Eugène. Photo: James Morgan

East Hawkesbury releases 2020 council remuneration costs

The total cost of paying the mayor and council in the Township of East Hawkesbury was $81,336.33 in 2020.

Mayor Robert Kirby collected the base salary for his role, which is $19,621.29.  Additionally, Kirby also received a payments totalling $1,200 for kilometers driven for township business. In total, Kirby received a total of $20,821.29.

Deputy Mayor Richard Sauvé was paid a base amount of $14,183.56 and received $600 for mileage, which resulted in a total remuneration of $14,783.56.

Councillor Karina Sauvé’s base remuneration for 2020 was $14,333.56, and $600 for mileage, which brought her total remuneration for the year to $14,933.56.

The remunerations for councillors Stéphanie Sabourin and Karina Sauvé were the same, with a base amount $13,333.56 and mileage of $600 for a total of $14,933.56.

Councillor Simon Rozon was paid a base amount of $15,208.56 in 2020 and a mileage amount of $655.80.  Rozon’s total remuneration for the year was $15,864.36.

No member of East Hawkesbury council received any compensation for a conference allowance in 2020.

James Morgan

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