The Québec Department of Health and Social Services is now inviting people aged 65 and over (born 1956 and before) to make an appointment to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The availability of vaccines is limited and vaccination among the population takes place by steps. Although vaccination takes place by age group, it will still be possible for older people to make an appointment to be vaccinated even if people younger than them are also now eligible to be vaccinated.

Visit Qué to make an appointment and follow the progress of the vaccination campaign by each region of Québec. For those who do not have Internet access or who have difficulty using it, call 1-866-495-5833 to receive support. If necessary, relatives are encouraged to offer support to the elderly for making an appointment online.

People who are not in the priority group being vaccinated in their area should avoid calling, requesting appointments online, or going to vaccination sites.

Each group will be informed of when they are eligible to make an appointment.