Alfred-Plantagenet Town Hall. Photo: James Morgan

Alfred and Plantagenet councillors, mayor were paid $205,275 in 2020

Taxpayers in the Township of Alfred and Plantagenet paid a total of $205,275 to members of their municipal council in 2020.

According to the Statement of Remuneration and Allowances published on March 2, Mayor Stéphane Sarrazin received a base salary of $47,554, and an additional $4,570 for attending meetings.  Sarrazin was also paid $2,585.68 for expenses related to attending conventions, mileage, parking, and meals.  The 2020 Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) Conference was held in Toronto from January 19 to 21 and the 2020 Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) Conference took place in Toronto from February 23 to 26.  Both conventions were held before the COVID-19 pandemic began.  Once the meeting allowance and expenses are added, Sarrazin’s total remuneration in 2020 was $54,710.

Councillors René Baulne and Chantal Galipeau each received the same total remuneration of $25,170 in 2020.  Both councillors each received $5,280 for meeting attendance in addition to the base salary of $19,890.

The total remuneration for Councillor Suzanne Lafrance in 2020 was $24,610.  Lafrance received $4,720 for meeting attendance in addition to the $19,890 base salary.

Councillor Yves Laviolette was the only councillor to receive any additional remuneration for convention expenses in 2020.  Laviolette attended the ROMA conference and received $1,525.24 for registration and accommodation costs.  He also received $4,730 for meeting attendance in addition to the base salary, resulting in a total remuneration in 2020 of $26,145.

The total earnings for Councillor Antoni Viau were $24,300.  Viau received $4,410 for meeting attendance in addition to the base amount.

Councillor Ian Walker received $25,170 as a member of Alfred and Plantagenet council in 2020.  Walker received the base councillor’s salary of $19,890 and $5,280 for meeting attendance.

Ontario municipalities are required to publish council remuneration amounts for the previous year before March 31 of the succeeding year.

James Morgan

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