Municipal animal control practices are changing in Brownsburg-Chatham.

When council met on February 2, it approved giving a two-year mandate to the Argenteuil SPCA for animal control in the municipality.  The new SPCA chapter was formally organized in 2020 and is presently moving into new space on Route du Canton (Route 148) in St-Philippe.

The mandate given to the SPCA by council includes surveillance, capture and guarding services, disposal service for unclaimed animals, verification of dog licence tags, the management and disposition of carcasses, the application of municipal regulations, and the management of dangerous dogs.

Brownsburg-Chatham Clerk and Legal Director Pierre-Alain Bouchard noted that the SPCA’s role is distinct because it will serve as both the inspector and controller for animal regulation.

The resolution to approve the mandate with the SPCA was proposed by Councillor André Junior Florestal.

The SPCA facility in St-Philippe will be used as the municipal pound and places the responsibility on SPCA personnel to understand and properly apply all municipal animal control bylaws.

Council’s approval gave the SPCA the right to carry out animal control inspections and to issue fines for infractions, and to apply provincial regulations on animal control within the boundaries of Brownsburg-Chatham.

The cost of the agreement between Brownsburg-Chatham and the Argenteuil SPCA will be $52,000 plus taxes in 2021.  The base cost will also be $52,000 in 2022 in addition to the consumer price index and applicable taxes.

Councillor Stephen Rowland declared a conflict of interest and did not participate in the discussion or vote on giving the animal control mandate to the Argenteuil SPCA because both he and his wife are involved with the organization.