In addition to the departure of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in December, following a five-month leave, there were other personnel changes at the Town of Hawkesbury in 2020, and the changes have continued into 2021.  In June, the Director of Recreation and Tourism, Aquatic Supervisor, and Facilities Manager in the Recreation Department were terminated.  As of September, a new Aquatic Supervisor had been hired.

In June, former Clerk Christine Groulx left her position.  Miriam Longtin has since been hired as the Town Clerk.

According to a report to town council from Director of Human Resources Dominique Dussault dated October 9, 2020, the town was seeking a new Planner, meaning that Manon Belle-Isle was no longer holding the position.  She is now working as a planner in the private sector.

Dussault’s report to council on January 11, 2021 stated that the Director of Recreation and Tourism and Facilities Manager positions remained vacant and were still being advertised.  Additionally, the report stated that the position of Director of Public Works and Engineering was vacant and would soon be advertised.  That position was held by Guillaume Boudrias.  However, the staff directory on the municipal website still listed Boudrias as the director as of January 15.

The Chief Building Official’s position is also vacant.  Mayor Paula Assaly confirmed that Jean-Claude Miner retired as of December 31, 2020.

However, Assaly was not willing to comment on the other staffing transitions and said that it was not the appropriate time to do so.

Employee relations matters are discussed in closed session at municipal council meetings.