On December 7, 2020, La Nation council adopted the municipality’s budget for 2021.

The adoption was made with no further discussion following a presentation of the final edition by Treasurer Cécile Maisonneuve.

The total value of the 2021 budget is $60,822,030.00, an increase of $7,263,123 from $53,558,907 in 2020.

The municipality is projected to collect $294,824 more in residential taxes in 2021 than it did in 2020 and 1.73 per cent more in revenue.  However, the actual residential tax rate will only increase by 0.6 per cent.

Property taxes are projected to account for 21 per cent of municipal revenue in 2020, and 52 per cent will come from long-term debt.  However, that debt includes projects that began in 2020 to improve sewage treatment facilities and a project that will begin in 2021 to connect part of the municipality with the water system in neighbouring Clarence-Rockland.  Costs for water and sewer service are funded by separate rates paid by property owners whose homes and businesses are connected to the systems.

“It has to be calculated in there anyway,” said Mayor François St-Amour.

In 2021, the rate for a typical property with connection to sewer only in La Nation will increase by 2.16 per cent from $462 or $115 quarterly in 2020 to $472 or $118 quarterly in 2021.

In St-Isidore, the yearly combined sewer and water invoice for properties with an average consumption of 48 cubic metres per quarter will increase by 1.64 per cent in 2021.

The yearly invoice for properties in Limoges connected to the water system only with an average consumption of 48 cubic metres per quarter is to increase by 1.18 per cent in 2021.  For properties in Limoges connected to both the water and sewer system with an average consumption of 48 cubic metres per quarter, the yearly invoice is to increase by 1.45 per cent in 2021.

Revenue from provincial and federal grants in La Nation is projected to comprise six per cent of municipal revenue in 2021.  In 2020, grants made up $1,067,600 of municipal revenue.  That amount is projected to increase by $52,800 to $1,120,400 in 2021.

The public works budget makes up the greatest amount of the 2021 operating budget at 37 per cent, followed by protection to persons and property at 24 per cent, and administration and finance at 21 per cent.

The 2020 capital budget for La Nation was $34,787,187, and the 2021 capital budget is $41,506,092.

Planned capital projects in La Nation for 2021 include $23,707,000 for water and sewer system improvements, including the construction of the $12,600,000 watermain connection between Clarence Limoges.  The 2021 recreation capital budget of $12,406,000 includes $12,111,000 for the new sports complex in Limoges.  An amount of $5,109,872 has been budgeted for road, bridge, and streetlight improvements across the municipality in 2021.  Transportation, which means roads, is projected to use 55 per cent of the tax dollars collected by La Nation for capital expenses in 2021.  The projected amount of tax dollars to be used for recreation capital projects is 41 per cent.