10 Years ago
Local blueliners key Glens successful first half
The Review, December 29, 2010 – The Alexandria Glens are in the midst of a very successful season, thanks in large part to a pair of blue-liners whose roots run deep in Vankleek Hill. Devin Baxter, born and raised in Vankleek Hill, is currently leading all all Glens defensemen in scoring, with 20 points in 28 games. Teammate Nicholas Bigelow, a 19-year-old newcomer to the Alexandria squad, has added some veteran leadership to the Glens lineup. While he may lack the offensive numbers of a superstar, his ability to shut down the opposition’s top players has been invaluable to his team.

25 Years Ago
Poll proposed to help solve Wendover water issues
The Review, January 3, 1996 – North Plantagenet Reeve Jean-Marie Groulx suggests the township conduct a poll to settle the rift over the solution to Wendover’s water woes. The reeve intends to ask township council to distribute questionnaires to Wendover residents, asking them to choose one of two proposed solutions: a new water treatment system in the village, or a pipeline that would bring in water from Plantagenet.

50 Years Ago
Apathy & Education in Prescott & Russell
The Review, January 6, 1971 – Of 17 seats on our Board of Education, 16 were filled by acclamation. What is the cause of this sick situation in Prescott and Russell? What is the cure? Have we so few people in Prescott and Russell that are willing to give of themselves so that we could get no more than 18 candidates to contest 17 seats? If so then the counties of Prescott and Russell are not only poor in material resources, but are also poor in human resources. Apathy reigns supreme! Small wonder our youth are rebellious!

75 Years Ago
1946 motor vehicle licenses now on sale
The Review, January 3, 1946 – The 1946 motor vehicle licenses and permits were offered for sale in this district yesterday, January 2. The license numbers are white on a black background. The first number of the first series for the Vankleek Hill office is 60 S 1, said plate having been purchased by Dr. G. D. MacIntyre. Others who were early purchasers on Wednesday included Ernest E. Moore’s Taxis, Euclide Turpin of Vankleek Hill, Albert Doth of Caledonia Springs, E.J. Bond and Wallace Waite of Vankleek Hill and Rene Martin Taxi of Vankleek Hill.

100 Years Ago
Children gather to dismantle huge Xmas tree
The Review, December 31, 1920 – Wednesday was a red letter day for children of the town, when about one thousand kids of all sizes and ages gathered in the old Separate School to dismantle the huge Xmas trees. Bonbons, apples, toys, sandwiches and cocoa, also clothing, were distributed to all of them, and such a turmoil was never before seen in town.

125 Years Ago
Warm weather affects holiday sales
The Review, January 3, 1896 – The unprecedentedly warm weather which has prevailed since the 16th of December, with the exception of one or two days, had a very depressing effect on the holiday trade. A number of our merchants had a fair quantity of dressed meat and fowls on hand and the thaw has occasioned those many anxious hours. It is to be hoped that the loss will be less than expected.

Devin Baxter (left) and Nicholas Bigelow playing for the Alexandria Glens in the 2010-2011 season. From the December 29, 2010 edition of The Review.