10 Years ago
Champlain water and sewer rates to rise
The Review, December 1, 2010 – Water and sewer rates will be increasing steadily for Champlain Township residents over the next three years, a move approved by council to help fund a projected deficit in the water and sewer systems and an increase in costs for their operation.

25 Years Ago
Downtown Hawkesbury could become giant open-air mall: BIA
The Review, November 29, 1995 – If the BIA commission is successful, downtown Hawkesbury will become a giant open air shopping mall built on an historical theme – and it may be open on Sunday. The Business Improvement Area commission unveiled the preliminary report of its strategic plan. The report’s recommendations will be handed over to the BIA’s various committees for implementation.

50 Years Ago
Knox Church Ladies’ Aid pay tribute to Rev. & Mrs. McGowan
The Review, December 2, 1970 – On November 1st, at the morning service, Knox Presbyterian Ladies’ Aid paid tribute to Rev. and Mrs. McGowan on the occasion of their eighth anniversary in Knox Church. The presentation of a pulpit gown and scarf to Mr. McGowan was made by Mrs. S. McCuaig, while Mrs. Wm. McCaskill presented a bouquet of roses to Mrs. McGowan as a small token for her untiring efforts and assistance.

75 Years Ago
John Sauve heads Ontario cheesemakers
The Review, November 29, 1945 – John Sauve, of Plantagenet, was elected President of the Eastern Ontario Cheesemakers’ Association at the annual meeting of members held at the Experimental Farm. Among the resolutions passed was one asking the Ontario government to pass legislation making the use of filter strainers compulsory in the handling of milk on farms and another asking the adoption of standard milk coolers for farmers.

100 Years Ago
Disastrous fire at L’Orignal
The Review, December 3, 1920 – L’Orignal, on Saturday morning last, was again visited by a most disastrous fire. At about 5:30 in the morning calls of “fire” were heard by men on the street. On investigation heavy flames were seen issuing in the rear of Mr. Joseph Hotte’s property on Longueuil street. A large number of people soon gathered, and the rescue of the goods at once commenced and as usual the water supply being nil, there was no hope of the property, which with the large shop next were soon a mass of flames.

125 Years Ago
Wilfred Laurier to visit Vankleek Hill
The Review, November 29, 1895 – Encouraging reports are being received from all the neighboring towns of the large crowds which will attend the Laurier meeting on Dec. 5th here. The commodities building on Hamil street has been secured and all who come will be sure of getting inside and hearing the eloquent leader of the Liberal party and the other distinguished speakers.