East Hawkesbury Township council met on December 14, 2020 and approved the 2021 municipal budget.

The total value of the 2021 budget is $5,834,918.  The total value of the 2020 budget was $5,137,855, which means an increase in of $697,063 for 2021.

According to Clerk-Treasurer Luc Lalonde, the municipal tax levy is increasing by one per cent in 2021.  This will mean an increase of $4.72 per $100,000 of assessed residential property value.  The 2020 increase had been 2.5 per cent.  The township is projected to collect $2,297,043 from taxes in 2021, an increase of $41,080 from $2,255,963 in 2020.

No increases are being made to garbage collection, recycling, or municipal sewage services.

The 2021 East Hawkesbury township budget also includes $1,988,279 in capital expenses.