If you live in Vankleek Hill and own a dog or cat, you’ve quite likely already met Dr. Kimberley Joyce and Dr. Bob Van Delst. Both have literally met hundreds of pet owners since joining MacCormick Veterinary Services this past summer.

The veterinarian couple were working in the Hamilton-Kitchener area and considering a move back to the region, when they received a call this past spring from long-time friend Brian MacCormick. Would both of them be interested in joining the practice?

“It was a special opportunity for us when Brian was looking for two veterinarians at once,” Van Delst recalls. “We were two veterinarians who were looking to come back to this area – it was pretty much decided in a single phone call.”

Joyce began work at MacCormick Veterinary Services in June and was joined by Van Delst in August. The parents of three college-age children purchased a house in Vankleek Hill and have quickly settled into their new life in the community, along with their senior Standard Poodle, guinea pigs, fish, Amazon parrot and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

“Vankleek Hill is not too small and in many ways just big enough,” says Van Delst, who was born and raised in nearby Finch, Ontario. “We are very happy to join this wonderful community.”