Local artist Anick Bauer opened Les Papiers Left & Write Papetrie four years ago after being a graphic designer for 12 years.

On September 1, Bauer moved her shop to McLeister House Salon and Spa located at 27 Main Street Alexandria to accommodate COVID-19 distancing requirements.  The focus of her versatile work includes web and graphic design, logo creation, branding and calligraphy.  The Township of North Glengarry recently called upon Bauer’s expertise to design civic number signs as part of their Community Improvement Program, which are available for purchase on her website.

“With my great admiration for all things paper and design, I wanted to share with my community the beauty of this artistic universe,” said Bauer.  One of her greatest passions is to fill her shelves with items created by small businesses across the country.  “In essence, I want products from each province and territory represented in my store.  And I’m just shy of making that happen,” said Bauer.  This eclectic little shop sells a variety of fun items including candles, jewelry, stationary, soaps, household items, teas and much more.

To mark the four-year anniversary, she held a special collaboration event with La Buvette du Marché by offering a BYOB “bring your own bubble” shopping and dining day. Patrons were invited to book a 30-minute shopping date with three friends at the store followed by drinks and tapas at La Buvette for 90 minutes. The gastropub has also recently added a Mongolian Yurt to provide a unique experience and private dining option. The event was a success, and as a result, they are considering hosting another BYOB collab in December.  Contact the store for more details.

“We are all feeling the impact of Covid-19 and we hope that our community will be conscientious of the fact that local businesses really need their support now more than ever,” said Bauer.  Let’s not forget that online shopping is available through small businesses as well!  We adapt to please and cater to the needs of our clients!  Curbside pick-up is available and store hours are from 10am-4pm Tuesday – Friday or Saturday 9 am-noon.  You can also book your own BYOB during regular store hours between 4-5pm by contacting the store.

To find out more about the possible BYOB event in December, please contact the store at 613.362.9057 or visit www.leftnwrite.com