Across the MRC d’Argenteuil as of Tuesday, September 8, there were 125 cumulative cases of COVID-19, which was an increase from 124 cumulative cases on Friday, September 4.  According to the CISSS des Laurentides regional health authority, there were nine active cases of COVID-19 in Argenteuil on September 8.  That number had remained the same since September 4.

There were no COVID-19 outbreaks at long-term care or other group living facilities in the MRC d’Argenteuil as of September 8, and the number of COVID-19 deaths in the MRC d’Argenteuil remained at nine.

The hospitals in St-Jérôme and St-Eustache are the two COVID-19 receiving hospitals for the Laurentides region.  As of September 8, there were no patients with COVID-19 being treated at either facility.

Québec COVID-19 statistics

There were 63,976 cumulative cases of COVID-19 across Québec as of Tuesday, September 8, with an increase from 63,117 cumulative cases on September 4.  According to the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ), 56,162 cases across Québec were resolved as of September 7, which means that approximately 87.9 per cent of the 63,976 cases were resolved and that there were approximately 7,814 active cases across Québec on September 8.

There were 105 COVID-19 patients in hospital across Québec on September 8 and 15 of those patients were in intensive care.

As of September 8, there had been 5,770 confirmed deaths due to COVID-19 across Québec, which was an increase of three deaths from September 4.

School list

The Québec ministries of health and education are regularly updating the list of schools with COVID-19 outbreaks among students and staff.  As of September 8, no schools in the MRC d`Argenteuil had outbreaks of COVID-19.

When a case is reported in a school, all parents with children attending that school will systematically receive notification and an opinion on the situation from their school administration.

Alert system unveiled

The Québec government is aiming to keep residents informed about a potential second wave of COVID-19 and the severity of it.  On Tuesday, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubé, unveiled the system of regional alerts and interventions which will specify any measures that may have to be taken to ensure the health and safety of Quebecers over the coming months.

If it becomes necessary to intervene to slow the transmission of the virus in certain regions of Québec, the measures will depend on the alert level reached for that region. Four levels of alert and intervention have been established:

Vigilance (green)

Early warning (yellow)

Moderate alert (orange)

Maximum alert (red)

The yellow level means that public health officials could strengthen measures if required.  At the orange level, the number of people permitted in private gatherings could be reduced.  At the red level, interregional travel would be limited certain commercial sectors would have to operate at reduced hours.