Harley-Davidson, I’m not impressed.

After nearly 41 years of Goulet Motosports selling the Harley-Davidson brand through thick and thin, the company is pulling the plug and not renewing their contract. From what I have heard, the reason given was because there are not enough motorcycles sold in this area. I don’t know about you, but, I do not think that giving the Hawkesbury area district to someone else will improve sales around here at all.  I think the opposite will happen and good for you, Harley.

My personal belief for closing the store is that other dealerships are putting pressure on the company because they are losing a few sales here and there. If, and I say if, this is the case, shame on you, Harley-Davidson to fall for that.

There are always reasons why people shop outside their area. We all do. Just because there is the same store close to us, it is human nature to explore and sometime we are pleased with what we see and get somewhere else. I think this is the reason why Goulet Motosports has been in existence so long.

From having bought sic Harleys from them, first from the founder of the business Mr. Raymond Goulet, rest his soul, and the last one just about a month ago, knowing what I know now I am not sure I would have made the same choice and spent more than $35,000 for a motorcycle that has no dealership in my area. Driving one hour or more to get service, parts or warranty was not in my plans. I am pretty sure I could have paid less for the same motorcycle at some other dealership, but the reason I bought here through the years is because I was always treated nicely and with fairness by everybody: owner, sales staff, parts department staff and I cannot forget the mechanics that were always ready to help me.

How much does it cost Harley-Davidson to keep this business open? NOTHING; they do not own the building, they do not pay taxes, electricity, gas and so on. The only thing they have to do is cash in the cheque from the profits at the end of the month, without having to worry about ANYTHING.

Nearly a dozen families will be directly  impacted by this decision, family members that will have to find new jobs in this pandemic time, do you think this is fair? Do you think Harley-Davidson’s managers care. While they are sitting in their plush chairs in their fancy offices with their very big salaries, do you think they ever think of the repercussion of their actions, I don’t think so, it’s not affecting them.

It will also impact many more businesses, people, that if not for this store would not be coming to Hawkesbury at all and by the amount of bikes I see there, especially on weekends this is a lot. A lot of people that eat drink, buy gas and more.

I would not be surprised if, after this savage closing, even if there was a turn-around from the company, which I doubt will happen, the owner and staff would have the heart to go back and work for them any more.

I heard that there will be more than one store closing, if that is the case, it is too bad. It will probably hurt those regions just as bad as it will hurt ours. Do you think Harley gives a damn?

Don’t forget Harley-Davidson, you are not the only motorcycle company that makes motorcycles in this world, you might THINK  that everybody will eventually want a Harley in the future but this is not the case anymore. We are not in the 70’s or 80’s where most young men and young women were hoping one day to own a Harley. A lot of the younger crowd and even older folks today are looking to buy a motorcycle that is cheaper, cheaper to repair, with cheaper accessories,  faster, and probably more reliable. What will you do when we, the older generation that has been pushing your brand to the younger generation for a very long time are gone? Turning your back on us today is not helping you one bit. We will remember what you have done to us for a very long time. At the time of writing this article nearly 6000 people have signed a petition against the closing of the store. I think this should send a strong message to you, Harley-Davidson that we are not pleased with your decision.

Now, after reading this article, what do you think, has Harley-Davidson made the right choice in closing a well-established flourishing business and at the same time turn their backs on all of us? Let them know loud and clear.

I would now like to thank Goulet Motosports and all their team members for the many years in this community and hope that everybody there, will grow stronger from the experience. Good luck to all of you.

Thanks for reading this article and pass it around.

Yves Duval, St-Bernardin, Ontario