Here is a throwback to the Festival of Flavours in 2018. This year's event won't be quite the same, but Excellent Events is moving vendors online, so that foodies can shop and buy as usual, and arrange for safe pick-up. Review File Photo

Festival of Flavours moves online to allow for several days of food purchases, pick-up

Excellent Events says that the 2020 edition of the Festival of Flavours is moving online, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We have already had two successful online events this year and we are confident that we can make the Festival of Flavours a wonderful experience for all concerned. At our last event, we reached 12,000 people,” says Samme Putzel, director of Excellent Events. And, best of all, she points out, vendors can participate for free.

Excellent Events is organizing its event as a community service this year, so there is no charge for vendors to participate. It’s all part of the not-for-profit organization showing its appreciation past participation by vendors in previous events.

Vendors are invited to publish a list of their products and their contact information on the Excellent Events Facebook pages between September 14 and 27. Foodies will be invited to contact you directly for a list of prices and pick-up and/or delivery information.

If you need a designated spot to meet with your clients Excellent Events is offering a safe and convenient “Well Come” designation at Ouimet Farms Adventures in the village of Vankleek Hill.

If vendors don’t know how to post information on Facebook, Excellent Events is offering to help! Vendors can email their information and pictures and Excellent Events staff will make sure that the information and photos are posted on the Excellent Events Facebook page during the online event.

Putzel reminds participants that they will still need to comply with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit’s regulations and carry insurance.

The Festival of Flavours will run for two weeks on three platforms:

  • On the Facebook Page: Excellent Events (@excellenteventsvkh)
  • On the Facebook Event Page:  Festival of Flavours/Festival des saveurs (@festivalofflavours.festivaldessaveurs)
  • On the Excellent Events website: www.excellentevents.ca

As a grand finale, on Sept 27, there will be a live video talk between Samme Putzel and Louise Sproule, Publisher of The Review in Vankleek Hill. Join them as they discuss such important topics as Building our healthy community; Festivals and Celebrations; Nourishment of Community by supporting Local Businesses and AgriFood; Women as leaders in our community; Surpassing difficulties presented by our New Social Order; The role of newspapers in a small town and rural regions; The future of Vankleek Hill Village, and Plans for Christmas in Santa’s Favourite Village.

To find out more about participating, or to confirm your presence as an online vendor, or to reserve a dedicated pick-up spot in the Well Come space, send an email to: [email protected]

Further instructions and more details will be provided to participants by email upon registration.

Louise Sproule

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