Improved website, online booking and ordering for Jan Amell Photography

Vankleek Hill photographer Jan Amell used Digital Main Street grant funds to upgrade the website of her business and improve online booking and ordering capabilities for customers.  Jan Amell Photography is well-known and well-respected in the community for capturing images of life’s milestone moments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for the photography business.  Professional photographers were not considered an essential business during the previous stages of restrictions.  Customers were not able to visit Amell’s studio.  Community and family events that usually use Amell’s services were cancelled, and weddings, which normally compose a major part of a photographer’s trade, have been postponed or significantly reduced in size.

“I lost so much money,” said Amell.  “I won’t be able to make it up,” she added. And that is the situation with many businesses who have lost about a quarter of the year or more due to closure and/or reduced business.

Amell said business began to improve at the end of May, but she is still not sure how things will go over the weeks ahead, even though more clients are contacting her.  Summer is usually the peak season for professional photography.

Jan Amell Photography is located at 92 Main Street East in Vankleek Hill.  The website is http://www.janamellphotography.com/ and the phone number is 613-870-2334.

James Morgan

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