On Friday, June 12, the federal government announced it will extend the mission of the Canadian Armed Forces in long-term care facilities (CHSLD) in Québec affected by COVID-19 by two weeks, until June 26.  However, the National Assembly of Quebec responded by unanimously asking that the mission be extended until September 15, 2020 by adopting a motion introduced by independent member for Marie-Victorin, Catherine Fournier.

“Quebecers pay nearly $ 4 billion a year for the Armed Forces,” said Fournier. ? “What is more urgent for the Canadian Army now than helping the provinces that fund them? Today, all the elected members of the National Assembly demand that the soldiers remain on the ground until September 15 in Québec as claimed by the Québec government,” she stated.

In its entirety, the motion read as follows: “That the National Assembly remind that Quebecers contribute nearly $ 4 billion a year to finance the Canadian Army from our taxes; That it ask the Canadian government to extend the mission of the soldiers deployed in the CHSLDs in Québec until September 15, 2020. “