A little over a month ago, a pandemic alert was declared in the Prescott- Russell area.

Because of the lockdown and physical distancing instructions, women and children dealing with domestic violence are especially at risk during this pandemic.

Muriel Lalonde, executive director of Maison Interlude House and president of the Prescott-Russell Coalition to end violence towards women (the Coalition) and its members want to insist upon the importance of community support and remind you of the impact you can have on the lives of these women and children: “Public health authorities have very clear instructions regarding physical distancing, leaving home only for essentials such as groceries or doctor appointments, etc. However, for some women, staying locked down at home with their partner, away from friends and family, increases the risk of violence.״

Thanks to you, those women and their dependents have a voice, a hope of escaping an abusive environment. If you have a feeling that someone you know may be experiencing violence at home, we recommend you call them up to see how they׳re doing. If you work in a pharmacy or a grocery store, and you have the chance to ask women if they׳re okay, if they need help, if they need you to call the police for them? Do it, dare to ask, trust your gut. If you׳d like to learn more about escaping an abusive relationship, or how you can recognize violence and help those women and their dependents, please email: [email protected]

The Prescott-Russell Coalition to end violence towards women (the Coalition) is a non-incorporated, not-for-profit group of organizations and individuals in the Prescott-Russell area that share the same goal, eliminating violence against women in our community. The Coalition has received funding from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services since 2007 to raise awareness around violence towards women and foster collaboration and coordination among local organizations.