Given the predicted strain on relationships during this time of quarantine, this book might just save your marriage. Or not.

Author Colin Affleck just published, “How to be the Perfect Husband,”  but he warns you: don’t take this book too seriously.

The short essays were written during the past year by the local history enthusiast, who says the advice book just seemed to come to him.

“So I started writing it, but it wasn’t something I thought anyone would ever read. It was just for fun,” says Affleck.

He recently decided to take a leap and get the book published. The Review helped him get the book organized and printed.

“And then I thought, ‘Oh, God, what have I done?” jokes Affleck, who wrote the book under the pen-name Mungo Auchinleck, but decided since to ‘fess up, as it were, to writing the book, which is not his first.

Affleck has already written an as-yet unpublished history of Caledonia Springs — the famous hotel and resort that closed in the last century and seems surrounded by mystery. He has unearthed some facts and poses some interesting questions in his book. He has also written a few volumes focused on his own family’s history.

So this relationship guide is a departure. And a funny one, at that.

“It contains opinions that I do hold and some that I do not hold. I won’t defend any part of it,” he commented.

The book is a short compendium of advice aimed at men who are husbands or who are about to get married. For example, it advises men that when it comes to housework, if she has to ask you for help, you’re already down a notch. The book holds that if you are going to live the married live, you might as well figure out how to make the best of it and keep your wife happy — because it’s in your own best interest, after all.

From the finer points of when and how to buy flowers, and how to display good manners, the book also includes a warning for men — to not enter into a marriage until they have taken a good look in the mirror and know who they are.

“If you can get past yourself and look at the other person, things can be pretty darn good,” Affleck says, who also warns men not to get into a relationship to prove anything to anyone.

“The most important thing is to consider the other person, pay attention, listen to them and take their viewpoint into account,” says Affleck. “It is so easy to live with someone for a long time and somehow not see each other.”

“If your partner doesn’t appreciate you, you’re wasting your time,” advises Affleck, who has been in his second marriage for 14 years. In a serious tone, he says he got it right the second time.

It is the straight-up parody with some good advice in between the lines that makes this book intriguing. You may laugh out loud at some passages, but might find yourself doing some deep thinking, too.

Affleck is retired, and he leads a quiet life, happily married.

If you want to order a copy of the book, you can do so here: Or contact the author by email: [email protected]

The book will be available on Amazon soon and at The Review offices, once they re-open after the pandemic situation has passed.

Try to hold your relationship together until then.