Visiting with neighbours over a cup of tea or over the fence is not an option right now, but there is an online opportunity for residents of Vankleek Hill and the surrounding area to connect and support each other during the COVID-19 emergency.

Vankleek Hill resident Reg Harden has created a Facebook group that allows participants to share information, advice, and even a joke or two in order to keep neighbours and friends in touch, and Vankleek Hill’s sense of community intact during the present emergency.

“People are scared, and they need a sense of connection, encouragement, and knowledge,” said Harden.

Harden and his wife Rosemary recently returned home from Florida and are self-isolating at home.

“We came back and took this seriously right from the get-go,” he said.

“We’ve got to combat this fear by doing things,” he added, acknowledging it is difficult to keep a physical distance from others in an unprecedented situation.

As of Monday evening, some of the things that have been shared on the group’s page are about when the best time to go shopping is, how to properly use masks and how to apply for Employment Insurance.

Uplifting messages and music are also shared.

The address of the support group is