Looking for something in particular at the Champlain Library and can’t find it in the collection?  The library can usually request that item from another public library in Ontario.  The Interlibrary loan service is popular and is available to patrons whose membership is in good standing.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3.  Patrons can make a request with the library which acts as an intermediary, the request is made to another library, the item is received and made available to the patron.  As there is a cost to the library for providing this service, the Champlain Library encourages patrons to search the library catalogue first to ensure that the item is not part of its collection.  Donations are also always welcome to help offset these costs.

As the demand for information and resources increases with its users, it is important for the Champlain Library to ensure that it responds to the needs of its patrons.  Still looking for that particular book that you can’t find?  Contact the Champlain Library at 613-678-2216, by email or visit the library to place your interlibrary loan request.