The cost of restoring a former church for Lachute’s new public library has risen significantly.

According to Carl Péloquin, the initial budget for the project in 2013 was $6.2 million and $4 million in grants from other levels of government have gone towards the project.  However, the cost of the project is now projected to be up to $9.5 million.

“When you’re working with an old building like that, you have surprises,” said Péloquin about the higher cost.

He noted that when the project first went to tender seven years ago, the lowest bid was $8.2 million, which council rejected at that time.

Péloquin said the $9.5 million cost is more realistic and is included in the city’s current budget.

Council recently approved borrowing $600,000 for further concept plans for the library.

Péloquin said the library will be completed in the second half of 2021.

Bus shelters and bicycle routes at MRC

The MRC d’Argrenteuil will install 10 bus shelters for its regional bus transit service over the next 1.5 years.  Four shelters will be in Lachute.  Péloquin, who also serves as MRC Deputy Prefect, said the first one will be installed in front of the Kevin Lowe-Pierre Pagé Arena.

Bus Shelters will also be installed in Brownsburg-Chatham and St-André d’Argenteuil.

The Québec government is granting $35,650 to the MRC d’Argenteuil this year for the sections of the province-wide Route Verte cycling route network that pass through the region.  Péloquin said this year’s grant was slightly higher than previously.