A new Employment and Skills Development Fair is coming to Prescott and Russell next March 28. This was proudly revealed today to the community by the Employment Services Centre (CSEPR). The event will take place at Collège d’Alfred, in Alfred-Plantagenet County, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will include several components covering employment, skills development, virtual career exploration, immigration, conferences and discussion panels on current subjects of interest to all.

“The innovation we are showing the Prescott and Russell community through the organization of this new fair confirms that the Centre is on course towards achieving its strategic axes set in the spring of 2019,” said Lionel Renaud, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Employment Services Centre. “The new additions and various components of the fair require collaborative work which undoubtedly demonstrates the Centre’s leadership, its interest towards cultural diversity and inclusion, and obviously, its expertise in employment creation and support. These elements are in fact the core essence of our axes !” concluded Mr. Renaud.

“It takes a lot of audacity to organize such an event in a full-employment context,” said Caroline Arcand, Executive Director for the Employment Services Centre.

“This is why we focused, in addition to employment, on adding components such as skills development, including our new Career Exploration Virtual Laboratory, and immigrant services. To this, we added several conferences and discussion panels on the current subjects of apprenticeship trades and cultural diversity, but also on more personal subjects such as stress management and emotional intelligence,” added Arcand. “Through this fair, we hope to help visitors better navigate through the development of their job and their career, but also improve employer awareness towards the importance of training their workforce in order to better cope with labour market changes,” concluded Arcand.

“Faced with a labour shortage reality, we must be proactive and innovative in order to make Prescott and Russell shine, but also mobilize employers in order to ensure retention of people who are working here daily,” said François Belle Isle, Ambassador of the Employment and Skills Development Fair. “It’s also very important to promote the diversity of jobs and businesses in our region to develop the interest of next generations to stay, or even come and live in our area. This is a main focus for the fair, and it’s the message I will be promoting in our community,” concluded Mr. Belle Isle.

Details of the fair will be made available to visitors as of mid-February through a specific section of the Centre’s website (csepr.ca). For organizations which would like to be exhibitors at the fair, please contact the Centre and speak with a member of the organizing committee at 613.632.0179, 800.668.5950 or 613.446.4189.