Update: Payments company can be used to pay bills

Update: January 9, 2020.

We have some new information surrounding a web-based service which was mentioned previously in a story about municipal property tax payments. We wrote that story earlier this week, after receiving a statement from the Town of Hawkesbury.

We want to set the record straight.

Since publishing information that the Town of Hawkesbury had not authorized any third-party relationship with a web-based company for property tax collection, the specific company named in that story has contacted The Review to say it is a bona-fide “payments company that empowers consumers and business owners to pay their bills with a credit card when cards are not accepted (for expenses such as rent, tuition, taxes, supplier payments, and more). By submitting a payment through us, along with a small transaction fee, customers are eligible to earn points or miles through their credit card reward program and can also keep more of their cash on hand, according to Eliot Buchanan, CEO of Plastiq.

“Our model is unique in that the recipient does not need to have a Plastiq account to receive payments from their customers. We are a part of bill payment systems in Canada and send payments to the recipient through the banking system via check, electronic payment, or wire transfer — whichever payment method the recipient prefers, according to Buchanan.

To date, Plastiq says it has helped multiple Hawkesbury residents submit municipal payments in order to take advantage of the many benefits that its payment platform provides to its customers.

“We have reached out to the Town of Hawkesbury Tax Department to address their concerns and to answer questions about our service,” according to Buchanan.

“With regard to the wording of “trusted partner,” this was a test page that an internal team inadvertently published. When we were made aware of this issue, we immediately removed the page,” the company says and apologizes for the confusion.

The Review apologizes for its original report.

Louise Sproule

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