To The Editor,

Being the most Eastern town in the Nation Municipality, it seems that we are too far from the larger towns like Limoges, St-Isidore, St-Albert and Fournier (barely bigger) to have the same services as the more populated areas.

To name a few, we have marginal internet (I have to use satellite internet) and for those who have fixed wireless they still have slow speed. Very poor cellular signal (once I get inside there is no service at all). Pendleton is getting a new internet tower. Why not us?

The UCPR just got a $683,085 share to provide 100-per cent full cellular service coverage for Eastern Ontario. Is St-Bernardin in Eastern Ontario? I guess we will find out very soon. Right in town here, the only expenditure that we got since a long time, was cement curbs last year which cost about $70,000. I can’t remember the last time we had new pavement done in town and we sure could use some.

In comparison to Fournier, for example, they got new sidewalks, one on each side of the street too, with nice brick retaining walls, a nice little park to go and sit in, (even though I never saw anybody there). They should have good internet too, since Xplornet has just installed a new 100-foot tower in town.

I know Limoges has more population in a small area but millions and millions of dollars are being spent there for all kinds of projects. (Water, sewers, new municipal garage and we cannot forget the multi-million-dollar sportplex) that is well on its way to becoming reality. Now we hear that there are discussions on dividing the wards differently in the municipality, maybe more wards and councillors. Who do you think will profit from that? In St-Bernardin, the hall is barely used, why do you think? It is over 40 years old and hardly anything was done to make it more attractive and up to date. Oh I forgot, they had about $30,000 to fix the roof but after spending about half on a cheap fix-up they gave the rest to the arena in St-Isidore, for security cameras instead of investing it back into our hall. There is also a huge expensive stone in front of the park to name it, was that money well spent when the hall and park need so much?

When was the last time you have seen anything in the papers inviting people to come and rent our hall. This hall was the pride of this area for decades, from Montreal to Ottawa and then some. It is still a very nice hall with extremely clean facilities it just needs to be upgraded. Now let’s go outside. For years now the roofed shelter in the backyard where parents used to go and sit under, out of the sun, when the kids were playing on the play structures has been quarantined because they don’t want to fix it. I don’t blame the parents for not using the park to much for their kids though, the structures are old, tarnished and out of date.

The tennis court was closed this year because they say it is not safe. This hall is also an emergency centre in case of a disaster but we still don’t have a standby generator. Our fire department got lucky the other day, they got the old 1984 rescue truck from the St-Albert fire department. St-Albert did not want it anymore, because they said it is not safe to drive anymore, and it should not be on the road, but I guess it is okay for our firefighters.

I have attended most of the council meetings now, for over four years with my wife and a few friends, and we have a lot more we could tell you but you will have to wait.

I hope this will open your eyes a little bit.

Happy reading and Happy Holidays

Yves Duval,