Champlain Township may be changing its meeting routines.

Since the election of the new council, a committee of the whole meeting has been added most to council’s meeting schedule on most months. The purpose of those extra meetings, taking place for the first time, was two-fold. Committees for various departments, such as water and sewage, have been eliminated. With several newly-elected councillors on board serving their first terms of office, it was decided that in-depth discussions could take place about one week before the regular council meeting, affording new councillors the chance to get up to speed on issues and avoid lengthy council meetings with lengthy explanations for newcomers. The committee of the whole meetings, held at the discretion of council, provided an opportunity for council to make recommendations and then reconsider them at the regular council meeting the following week.

In cases where the minutes, including recommendations, from the committee of the whole meeting are accepted, so, too are the recommendations adopted — all at the same time in one motion. Councillors always have the option to remove an item from the recommendations to revisit it, make changes, or postpone it when it comes up on the regular meeting agenda.

But now, council may make a further change to its meeting schedule, to allow staff time to undertake research or prepare by-laws as requested at committee of the whole meetings.

To be reviewed at its regular council meeting on December 10 is the idea that the committee of the whole meeting (if required) be held on the Tuesday of the week preceding the regular council meeting, but regular council meetings would take place on the second Thursday of the month, instead of the second Tuesday of the month. This would afford administrative staff a few extra days to prepare for the regular council meeting. The agenda would be made available to the public on the township’s website on the Monday prior to the regular meeting and would be updated as necessary.

Champlain Township will meet on Tuesday, December 10 at 7 p.m. in council chambers at 948 Pleasant Corner Road.