To The Editor,

After reading recent Review articles about the local labour force situation in our region and the desire to recruit Francophone immigrants from Europe, I decided to write this letter.

In the previous Review on November 20, 2019, Mr. Walsh from L’Orignal expressed his point of view about the delegation to Europe and about his doubts that the immigrants from France and Belgium would stay here for a long time. But I would like to ask two questions on behalf of English-speaking members of our community.

First, why does the federal government provide funds to attract Francophone immigrants to our community, but we don’t have any free courses to learn French?

Second, we live in the bilingual belt where people usually can speak both English and French. So, why Anglophone immigrants, like me, or people who have been living here for a long time but cannot speak French fluently cannot apply for a job only because of language?

I really hope that you will publish my letter and we could continue this important discussion in our local community to make the Hawkesbury area more attractive to all people willing to work here.


Olha Vynohradova