It is the job that never ends.

Champlain Township council discussed its asset management plan at its November 14 regular meeting; municipalities must have an asset management plan, which includes infrastructure elements such as roads, waste treatment systems, parks, etc.

Director of Public Works James McMahon advised council to continue with EVB Engineering to provide ongoing engineering services related to the Asset Management Plan.

EVB has provided an estimate of $138,500 with two projects’ costs still pending. These costs will be attributed to the various department budgets, according to McMahon’s report to council.

“It is really about ensuring that we have enough money to operate our assets and is related to long-term planning,” McMahon told council.

If the asset management plan is not updated, it could be a barrier to successful grant applications, especially as they relate to infrastructure projects.

“You can’t sell a road, but it is still an asset,” McMahon said.