Fragments, a recently published book by Bobi Leutschaft Poitras, features both poetry and paintings by the Alexandria artist.

Leutschaft Poitras has been writing poetry “forever” but more in the past few years, coinciding with her development as a visual artist.

“When I was in high school, a teacher convinced me to write a poem every single day,” says Leutschaft Poitras. She continued writing poems daily for most of her life.

“Writing a poem every day helps get the garbage out,” says Leutschaft Poitras. She sifts through ideas, developing some and discarding others in the process. Leutschaft Poitras says sometimes the original line or concept that formed the nucleus of the poem ends up being cut as she works through the piece.

Some of her paintings provide Leutschaft Poitras inspiration for her poems. Many of these artistic pairings appear in Fragments. She also draws inspiration from life around her, the world in general, and the “crazy thoughts” running though her head.

Leutschaft Poitras was born in Germany and came to Canada with her family when she was three years old. She spent most of her life in the Montreal area, with a few years in Vancouver. Since 2003 she has lived in Glengarry, first in Green Valley and now Alexandria.

In October 2016, Leutschaft Poitras co-founded the Glengarry Artists Collective, of which she is currently president.

Leutschaft Poitras says she already has enough poems for another book. Her next project, though, is a children’s A-B-C book of poetry.

In February 2020, Leutschaft Poitras will display some of the original paintings appearing in Fragments at the SDG Library in Alexandria. In addition to the artist’s meet and greet on Saturday, February 1, Leutschaft Poitras will give a reading from Fragments Thursday, February 27 at the library.

An official launch event and book signing for Fragments will be announced later this year.

Fragments, published by Austin Macauley October 30, is currently available online through Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, and Barnes & Noble. After the official book launch event, Fragments will be available at selected local outlets.