South Nation Conservation (SNC) will be winding down park operations, removing docks from its waterfront properties, and closing trails at some of its 14 day-use conservation areas for winter maintenance in the upcoming weeks.

While the dog days of summer are behind us, residents can still get outdoors to take advantage of SNC’s Conservation Areas that will remain open and maintained for winter use: W.E Burton and J. Henry Tweed in Russell, Two Creeks Forest in Morrisburg, Robert Graham in Glen Stewart, and Warwick Forest in Berwick.

“We’ll be maintaining over 30 kilometers of groomed trail for winter fun this year,” said Phil Duncan, SNC’s Property Assistant. “Our Conservation Areas are accessible free of charge and are great for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, geocaching or hiking.”

SNC also has agreements in place with municipal partners to groom other trails and parks, including Nokomis Park in Limoges and the Russell Recreational Trail.

“We work with our 16 member municipalities to ensure that our natural spaces are safe, accessible, and can offer great outdoor recreation opportunities for residents,” added Duncan.

SNC owns and manages more than 12,000 acres of public natural space across its 4,384 square-kilometer jurisdiction in Eastern Ontario, including its network of 14 day-use Conservation Areas, all accessible free of charge. So far, more than 70,000 visitors have enjoyed SNC’s Conservation Areas in 2019.

As this year’s hunting season approaches, residents are advised to keep themselves and their pets safe outdoors by wearing high visibility clothing. Hunting is not permitted in SNC’s Conservation Areas where a managed trail system exists. A permit to hunt on SNC’s forested lands can be obtained here:

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FOR MORE INFORMATION: Phil Duncan, Properties and Approvals Assistant, 1-877-984-2948,[email protected].