Glengarry-Prescott-Russell PPC candidate Jean-Jacques Desgranges. Photo: James Morgan

Candidate clarifies climate change remarks

Jean-Jacques Desgranges, the People’s Party of Canada candidate in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell would like to clarify something he said in a story published in the October 2 edition of The Review regarding climate change.

“I did not say that water vapour is a threat (as opposed to carbon dioxide). I said that water vapour is the most common greenhouse gas and that no one appears to note this fact. Water vapour as a greenhouse gas contributes to climate change (not negatively) and happens to ensure that life is sustained on our planet,” said Desgranges.

The Review apologizes for the miscommunication.

James Morgan

James Morgan is a freelance contributor. He has worked for several print and broadcast media outlets. James loves the history, natural beauty, and people of eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

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