The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) is new, and Jean-Jacques Desgranges is its first candidate in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.  The former teacher, who made a career switch to law, has always been a close follower of politics but his decision to run for the new party comes after what he described as initial optimism, and then great disappointment with Justin Trudeau.

Desgranges is critical of Trudeau’s diversity-based policies and said the policies do not show enough respect for Canadian identity and the rule of law.  He said they are not the same as the policies of Pierre Trudeau, which he respected.

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier has said the party would repeal the Multiculturalism Act if it ever forms a government.  Desgranges said he is not sure Canada needs to support distinct cultural organizations any longer.

“I think it has matured,” he said.

Immigration and refugees are a major issue for the PPC.  Desgranges said “mass immigration” and illegal immigration need to stop.

“Real refugees will be protected,” he said, as long as they meet the legal requirements to be properly considered as refugees.

“If they’re coming in from the US, I’m not sure they’re in danger,” said Desgranges.

He explained that the PPC wants to instead focus on legal immigration that benefits the Canadian economy.

Desgranges believes there is no difference between the Conservative and Liberal party platforms and that the PPC offers something different to voters.

“We’re very clear on where we stand,” he said.

The PPC has taken a clear stand on its opposition to supply management in dairy, poultry, and egg production.

Desgranges called supply management marketing boards cartels that served a purpose for nation-building but said  that the economy has become more global since their creation, and that they make it difficult for new farmers to enter the industry or expand their existing farms.

A PPC government would gradually buy quota from farmers and allow unrestricted markets.

Desgranges admitted that farmers in supply-managed sectors are not pleased with the proposal.

The PPC is strongly against government supporting corporations financially or through favours. Desgranges said big companies must suffer the consequences of bad business decisions on their own.

“Our party does not deny climate change,” Desgranges emphasized.

He explained that the PPC opposes the “alarmism” over climate change and argued that the reactions could be pushing scientific research in the wrong direction of addressing the issue properly.

Desgranges argued that scientific information has been left out of some studies on climate change.

“Global warming is not going to scare me off,” he said.

Desgranges argued that a warmer climate could even be beneficial for agriculture.  He added that water vapour is the most common greenhouse gas and no one mentions that fact.  “Water vapour as a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change (not negatively) and happens to ensure that life is sustained on our planet,” said Desgranges.

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