The Paramedic Ride Tour is an annual cycling event which raises funds and awareness of those lost in the line of duty and supporting mental health initiatives to break down the stigma of first responders’ mental health. This year the Quebec tour started in Sherbrooke and came into Eastern Ontario as a salute to Prescott and Russell’s paramedics, who were among the 163 cyclists. All the riders and the support team gathered for lunch at the Prescott and Russell paramedics station on Cameron Street in Hawkesbury. The group then headed towards Montebello using the Lefaivre-Montebello ferry to finally meet the Ontario Ride in Ottawa on Monday. During lunch-time in Hawkesbury, local paramedic Daniel Leduc gave a vibrant homage to his friend and former colleague Luc Grondin of Grenville (Grondin was at one time mayor of Grenville) who spent his life as a paramedic but passed away last spring.

Pictures by S.Lauwers