You could say that the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) council was talking trash when it met on August 28. And you would be right. Prescott and Russell mayors are trying to find a way to deal with an accumulation of waste plastic.

But Director of Economic Development and Tourism Carole Lavigne had good news for council about a possibility to dispose of 120 tonnes of waste plastic from farms that has accumulated over two years.  Most of the plastic is wrapping from hay and straw bales.

A Québec company has offered to take all of the material for $65 per tonne, plus the transportation costs.  According to Lavigne, the total cost for the UCPR would be $10,200.

Council approved a resolution authorizing the company to take the materials.

Lavigne said that sending the materials to the company will eliminate the stockpile and allow municipal recycling programs to continue collecting plastic waste from local farms.

Representatives of Recycle Action, which looks after recyclable material collection in Prescott-Russell, are also going to Thetford Mines, Québec in September to see the operations of another company that reprocesses plastic waste into other materials and gather information about the possibility of it accepting waste from the counties.

Sustaining talks with Sustane

Council approved a resolution to continue discussions with Sustane, a Nova Scotia company that specializes in reprocessing plastic waste back into fuel oil.  Sustane has expressed interest in expanding into the Ontario market.

The resolution requested all UCPR municipalities to provide their annual tonnage amounts of waste, recyclable material, and schedules of tipping fees to the UCPR which will then be provided to Sustane.  The resolution also establishes a waste management committee at the UCPR.