Is the Forest so Dangerous?

Is the forest so dangerous?

Is the forest so dangerous?

Meet animals from our forests at the Riceville Wood & Forest show on Sunday, September 8. Savour loggerman’s beans, and discover the wonders of the wood and forest world.  The only danger will be that the day will is over too fast!

If we rely on media, we live in an extremely dangerous world. Our cities are dangerous. Our houses are dangerous. It would seem that even our forests and parks, quiet as they may appear, also hide multiple dangers: trees waiting for the best opportunity to fall over our heads;  insects bent on infecting us with terrible diseases; or blood-thirsty predators waiting in ambush to gore us or eat up our children! Legends going all the way to the Dark Ages are coming back to haunt us.

But cheer up, folks! The world of Wood and Forest opens up a very different vision for you, the vision of a world seen through the eyes of dozens of women and men who perceive the forest as a source of income, inspiration, recreation, knowledge and personal well-being.

Exhibitors will blow your minds with the crafts and artistic creations they’ve had so much pleasure elaborating under Nature’s guidance. They will speak proudly of their woodworking or tree harvesting activities and equipment, because a sustainably managed forest is a source of pride and wealth for all. They will tell you how the forest helps them deal with daily stress through recreational activities, and how forests protect them from climate extremes.

Come meet some of our forest animals in the care of the Papanack  Zoo, taste delicious forest goodies, identify trees along our forest trail, explore the world of geocaching, buy wood for your next project, enjoy beans and other snacks from La Binerie Plantagenet, and be prepared to be surprised by your children’s woodworking skills or painting-on-wood talent.

The greatest danger would be to miss this chance to re-discover your roots.