To The Editor,

This is a bit troubling to me! Sorry! I just have to say it bluntly this way! Journalists at the Review in Vankleek Hill have had no or little mention whatsoever about boxing events and local youth winners. I always thought that journalists liked nothing more a story that is relevant to the area they are responsible for covering or if it’s of relevance to their readership.

In my opinion, news by definition means something is new, that it’s different, informative and worth sharing for best practice. This weekend and many other times that I know of, our local youth won boxing matches. Some of the winners and boxers lives right here in Vankleek Hill. So, why didn’t The Review publish a story or at least contact the boxing club?

What will it take to give this local sport the opportunity to get a story across to the journalist at the Review? Is there a objective selection done of events and stories that are reported and how they are covered at this local newspaper? Isn’t boxing differentiating itself as a new and creative sport in our region? I must admit that I am disappointed to see such way to do things.

Peter Briggs, Hawkesbury