How does exposure to space affect the number of tomato seeds that germinate? Kids ages 8 years and up can find out at the Champlain Library on July 31st.

Participants will learn how to investigate the effects of outer space on seed germination.  TomatosphereTM is a hands-on program offered through Let’s Talk Science that provides school age children an opportunity to think and act like scientists.   Participants will plant two sets of tomato seeds; one that has been exposed to space or space-like conditions and the other untreated.  They will learn how the seeds will be examined and the results recorded. The results from TomatosphereTM will help Canadian scientists understand some of the issues related to long-term space exploration.

If your child is 8 years and older and is interested in science, the Champlain Library is the place to be.  TomatosphereTM will take place on Wednesday, July 31 at 3:30 PM.  For more information or to register for this or other Summer Reading Club activities call the library at 613-678-2216 or visit the website at