A new choir will lift its voices in September 2019. The Glengarry Chamber Choir will be starting auditions soon.

Dr Heather MacIntosh says she hopes to develop a choir for Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry that focuses on contemporary choral music with an emphasis on music by Canadian composers.

MacIntosh is a musician, singer and choral director with a background as a United Church music director, and as a community choir director. She moved to North Lancaster two years ago from Pointe Claire, Quebec. The two-hour commute from her Ottawa home to McGill University in Montreal had prompted the move to Quebec, but MacIntosh said she “really missed Ontario and our friends and family, so I bought a little farm right in the middle,” she said.

Most recently, she says she brought together her work as a trauma psychologist and researcher with her music work to develop a choir for childhood trauma survivors, at McGill.

Although that has been a special experience, McIntosh says she is feeling the urge to do some music closer to her new home.

“While my parents grew up here and I spent a lot of time here as a child I am really just getting to know the area and the people and places. I know there are some choirs in the area, but I am hoping there is room for an auditioned choir, given the size of the geographical region,” McIntosh says.

Interested? McIntosh is seeking singers from age 16 and up, who are keen to be a part of a new group. The ability to read music would be an asset and the McIntosh says there will be quite a bit of a cappella music so holding pitch will be important. Call 514-833-6509 to find out more.