To The Editor,

Climate news is growing darker every month. Now it messes with the summertime urge to grow things, fix things and celebrate life. How can I love anything when all is doomed?

I know I’m not alone in this contemplation.  Many people are losing hope that humankind will reverse the current disruption of our planet’s climate in time to avert hardship, death and extinction. It’s hard to assimilate these predictions of disaster and to accept that bleak future as your own. However, from people who have already lost hope that we can avoid dark times ahead, I hear that it’s possible to find joy in this angry, transactional world. They say it’s possible to accept things as they are, to feel grateful for life and to find motivation in that.

My sign for environmental events reads “at the edge of extinction, only love remains”, … a puzzling line by Guy McPherson that draws smiles from other protesters. I want to know this line. As we contemplate extinction, there’s got to be more than despair.

Lynn Ovenden,